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North American Industry Classification System

221114 Electric power generation, solar 
237130 Alternative energy (e.g., geothermal, ocean wave, solar, wind) structure construction 
237130 Solar power structure construction 
238220 Solar heating equipment installation 
335121 Solar lighting fixtures, residential, electric, manufacturing 
335122 Solar lighting fixtures (except residential), electric, manufacturing 
541620 Environmental Consulting Services 
541690 Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services 
562910 Remediation Services 
221118 Other Electric Power Generation 
238210 Electrical Contractors and Other Wiring Installation Contractors 
541990 All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services 
541690 Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services 


29010 Cells, Solar (Photovoltaic Cells), Unmounted 
29020 Solar Air Conditioning Systems and Accessories: Absorption Type, etc. 
29030 Solar Space Heating Systems and Accessories 
29040 Solar Heat Collector Systems and Accessories 
29050 Solar Heat Collector Tracking Systems and Accessories 
29060 Solar Heat Collectors, Concentrating Type 
29065 Solar Heat Collectors, Evacuated Tube Type 
29070 Solar Heat Collectors, Flat Plate Type 
29080 Solar Powered Electrical Systems (For Battery Charging, etc.) 
29082 Solar Energy Systems, Complete 
29086 Solar Radiant Flux Measuring Instruments (See also 220-33) 
29090 Solar Water Heating Systems and Accessories 
29095 Wind Electrical Generating Systems and Accessories 
54514 Contaminated Soil Treatment Equipment 
54589 Vapor Extraction Equipment, Soil 
69056 Photo-Voltaic Generating Systems 
72058 Recovery Pumps and Piping (Free Product, Groundwater, etc.) 
83041 Leak Detection and Vapor Monitoring Equipment 
89017 Contaminated Groundwater Treatment Equipment 
90602 Acoustics; Noise Abatement - Architectural Services 
90627 Energy Management - Architectural 
90628 Energy Conservation; New Energy Sources (Solar, etc.) - Architectural Services 
90629 Environmental - Architectural 
90735 Designing Services 
90740 Engineering Services, Non-Licensed (Not Otherwise Classified) 
90742 Geotechnical -Soils 
90772 Safety Engineering and Accident Studies; OSHA Studies 
90775 Site Assessment and Site Field Observation 
90779 Surveying Services (Not Aerial or Research) 
90783 Testing Services 
91014 Door Installation, Maintenance, and Repair (Metal) 
91016 Energy Conservation Services (Including Audits) 
91047 Lead Abatement Services 
91216 Boring, Drilling, Testing, and Soundings 
91275 Quality Control Testing Services for Construction 
91810 Air Pollution Consulting 
91813 Asbestos Consulting 
91831 Construction Consulting 
91841 Energy Conservation Consulting 
91842 Engineering Consulting 
91843 Environmental Consulting 
91846 Feasibility Studies (Consulting) 
91855 Geological Consulting and Study 
91897 Utilities: Gas, Water, Electric Consulting 
92515 Chemical Processing and Storage/Engineering 
92517 Civil Engineering 
92522 Control Systems Engineering 
92531 Electrical Engineering 
92533 Engineer Services, Professional 
92534 Energy Management Engineering 
92535 Environmental Engineering 
92538 Field Engineering 
92544 General Construction: Management, Scheduling, Cost Estimation - Engineering 
92545 Geological Engineering 
92553 Industrial Engineering 
92555 Inspecting, General/Engineering 
92556 Inspecting, Structural/Engineering 
92561 Land Development and Planning/Engineering 
92567 Mechanical Engineering 
92570 Municipal Engineering 
92574 Petroleum and Fuel (Storage and Distribution)/Engineering 
92577 Pollution Control Engineering 
92578 Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution - Engineering 
92588 Structural Engineering 
92595 Utilities (Gas, Steam, Electric)/Engineering 
92596 Waste Water Treatment Engineering 
92597 Water Supply, Treatment, and Distribution/Engineering 
92615 Air Quality Monitoring Services 
92623 Auditing Services, Environmental 
92629 Contaminated Groundwater Services (Including Discharge Pipe Installation) 
92630 Contaminated Soil Services 
92640 Ecological Services 
92642 Environmental Services (Not Otherwise Classified) 
92643 Gas Analysis Services 
92645 Hazardous Material and Waste Services 
92649 Hydraulic Push Probe (Geoprobe) Services 
92652 Impact Studies, Environmental 
92658 Lead and Asbestos Inspection Services 
92665 Oil and Petroleum Spill Services (Including Removal of Used Petroleum Products) 
92666 Oil/Water Separator Inspection and Testing Services 
92670 Permitting Services, Environmental 
92672 Planning and Advisory Services, Environmental 
92678 Remediation Services, Environmental (Including Rehabilitation Services Hazardous Waste and Mold Remediation) 
92678 Remediation Services, Environmental 
92682 Safety Services, Environmental 
92683 Site Assessment, Environmental 
92684 Soil Pollution Services 
92685 Soil, Soil Vapor, and Groundwater Sampling and Analysis (Including Disposal) 
92688 Storm Water Discharge Testing Services 
92690 Subsurface Testing, Environmental 
92691 Tank Testing and Disposal Services, Storage (Including Underground Types) 
92693 Testing and Monitoring Services for Air, Gas, and Water 
92695 Water/Wastewater Conservation Services 
92696 Wetland Delineations (Incl. Assessments) 
92696 Wetland Delineations 
94163 Monitoring Services, Power Generation 
94849 Hygiene Services, Industrial 
95825 Conservation/Resource Management Services 
95826 Construction Management Services 
95885 Soil and Land Management Services (Including Testing, Protection, Preparation, Planning, etc.) 
95885 Soil Management Services (Including Testing) 
95895 Utility Management Services 
96131 Energy Comprehensive Performance Services (A Complete Conservation Program) 
96132 Environmental Impact Studies 
96143 Hydrological Services 
96148 Laboratory and Field Testing Services (Not Otherwise Classified) 
96174 Scientist Services 
96189 Weatherization Audit Services 
96250 Leak Detection Services: Gas, Water, Chemical 
96296 Well Services (Including Oil, Gas, and Water): Drilling, Plugging, Consulting, Maintenance, Repair, etc. 
96847 Inspection Services, Construction Type 
96878 Tank Installation, Removal, Disposal, and Related Services (Including Underground Type) 
96895 Wastewater Treatment Plant, Operations, Testing, and Maintenance 
98132 Energy Collecting Equipment Rental or Lease: Solar and Wind 
98975 Soil Sampling and Preparation Services 
99236 Core Sample (Not Concrete) Testing Services 
99255 Miscellaneous Testing and Calibration Services 
99259 Oil Field Equipment Testing Services 
99287 Underground Leak Testing Services 

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